A Beginning Runner’s Journey

October 4, 2009 at 7:12 pm Leave a comment

Before my first race

Before my first race

In the past three months I have:

*Moved to a new town
*Started a new job
*Begun running for the first time

This impressive list is apparently not enough to keep me busy, because I am adding a fourth item to it: starting this blog. I typically jump a little too energetically into new endeavors, and jumping into blogging is really just a way of feeding my running obsession.

I started running exactly one month ago today because my boyfriend mentioned training for a triathlon. I am a cyclist. It is the only form of exercise that has ever felt completely natural performing and the only sport where my reflexes actually seem to work to my advantage. Yet, for the past year I have had the image of myself stepping out of my house and beginning to run with grace and ease. I have fought this image, telling myself running was hard and painful, but I continued to see myself running into the sun with my hair flowing behind me.  Thinking about a triathlon was just the push I needed.

Ok, so beginning to run for me was not quite that magical scene I imagined, but it was, nevertheless, addictive. A month ago, I left my house at 6:15 am and ran. I ran 1.76 miles and was ecstatic, though exhausted. I ran the next morning and felt even better. The next day I started looking for races. After completing a 4-miler two weeks later, I knew I was hooked.

But even those who understand the contagious excitement of running for the first time, especially in the early days of fall, might question my next move. I registered for a half-marathon…eleven weeks out. I downloaded a Hal Higdon half marathon training schedule into Excel, got a few new pairs of Nike shorts to go with my new running shoes, and have been training ever since.

When I’m not running, which is of course most of the time, I find myself drifting to the internet in search of people running down this path with me. Most of the blogs I have seen are written by those long past their first marathon. So here I am, chronicling my own journey. It is mostly for me, but hopefully it has a little something for you, too.


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