Out of the Comfort Zone

October 5, 2009 at 1:55 pm Leave a comment

Leave behind the comfort zone

Leave behind the comfort zone

Who doesn’t love Friday?  Now, in addition to being the best day of the workweek, Fridays are also the best day of my training week: rest day. Running, while exhilarating, is also exhausting.  After a really tough run on Thursday (more about that in my next post), I made sure to do nothing on Friday.

Saturday I cross train, and this week Hal Higdon recommends 40 minutes of cross training and recovery.  I am not very good at recovery exercise.  I feel like if I am going to be out there I need to work hard.  But overtraining is a real concern for me, especially since I am rapidly increasing my weekly miles.  I decided a nice, leisurely bike ride was exactly what I needed.

One of my favorite people to ride with is my mom.  Moving has put me within three hours of my hometown and made it much easier for us to occasionally ride together. I woke up early Saturday, loaded my bike and the dog and headed down the familiar road to Mom’s.  I don’t think I could ever live in a small town again, but they are the ideal place to ride.  Mom and I rode for 45 minutes, cruising side-by-side the whole way, discussing the people who have moved and the people who have stayed.

Moving to a new place isn’t always easy.  Adjusting to new people, roads, routines, jobs, and gyms is as exhilarating and exhausting as running.  But visiting my hometown also reminded me of all we gain by leaving our comfort zones and how much I have changed in the ten years since I called it home.

Tomorrow, once again, I step out of my comfort zone and into my running shoes, drawing ever closer to my half marathon.  The road toward this goal is unfamiliar, and I don’t know how many hills I’ll climb on my way, but I know I am going to run into that stadium on December 5 having completed my first half marathon. And really, how could my comfort zone ever compete with that?


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