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Oktoberfest 2008, sisters

Oktoberfest 2008, sisters

In high school, it was my younger sister that ran cross country.  I distinctly remember her coming in from practice, read-faced and sweaty, only to moan on the sofa for the rest of the night.  Race days were even worse.  I always thought running must be the most excruciating torture one could self inflict.

That changed when I started running.  I did have those really bad runs I remembered my sister having, but I also had the really good runs that finally explained why she chose to run week after week.

No one would have guessed that ten years after she graduated, I would be the one logging miles.  She was always the competitive one, the athlete. I was…well, we don’t have to go into what I was, but trust me, no one ever pictured me running.  Most certainly not my sister.

It only took two weeks of me talking about my runs for her to want a run of her own.  I could say this was a complete shock, but it wasn’t.  I had planned on her being my running partner all along, albeit a running partner who lives 15 hours away.  She emailed me a few weeks ago to ask if I wanted to run The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  I am glad she could not see the “I knew it” look on my face when I replied, “YES!”

I will be spending this weekend at a family reunion (which we affectionately refer to as Oktoberfest) , where my sister and I will talk about our first run together after 28 years of being sisters.  I am ecstatic to share this moment with one of the people I love most in the world, even if she is a competitive and a whiner.  For now, I am faster than she is and running further, and she still thinks any one who runs a half marathon is crazy, but I don’t care if that changes.  We are tackling our runs together, and, after all these years, are on the same team. If my parents weren’t so shocked I am sure they would be really proud.


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