Stalked by creepy car during run

October 15, 2009 at 8:54 pm 1 comment


I am a shaken from my run today and having a hard time getting my thoughts clearly stated.  I decided to do 4 miles during lunch instead of this morning and headed home at lunch to change.  My run started off pretty normal.  I am still trying to figure out my Nike+ insert but otherwise, non memorable.  Just before the halfway point, a white Honda passed me from behind and slowed down as it drove slowly over the hill and out of site.

Cars slowing down always send alarm bells off in my head, but I tried not to overreact.  The car had just turned from a main road onto a neighborhood road, so maybe he just needed to slow down.  Two minutes later, the car passed me going the opposite direction, and I got a good look at the driving taking a good look at me.  He then turned down one of the side streets.

Despite being very close to a school and in a neighborhood full of cars, there were no people.  I kept running and was approaching my next turn onto a half-mile stretch that would take me back to another main road.  If I stayed straight, I would hit the main road in .2 miles.

Four minutes passed and there was no sign of the car.  I wondered what to do.  I decided I must be overreacting.  I passed a guy walking and almost asked him to walk with me for a few blocks, but decided this was perhaps riskier than a guy in a car and maybe crazy too.  I opted to do the full run since I missed all my runs last week, but distracted I turned one street to soon and ended up on a dead end.  I realized it about six houses in and turned around.  My heart still racing, I decide to slow down and walk back to the street, as I would have a clear view of any cars approaching.

I got off the sidewalk and decided to walk a few feet into the yards.  After about two houses, the white car turned onto the street.  I headed immediately for on of the houses and watched as the driver saw me and then turned the car into the second driveway, backed out and left the street.  I am not sure why realizing I was aware of him made him do this, but I am still thankful.

There was a house with an open garage door and I stood in their driveway a few more minutes.  The car was gone.  At this point I was about a mile from home and needed to get back to work.  I sprinted to the main road and made my way back looking in all directions the entire time.  Every white car made me panic.  I tried to use my anger to run harder, but all I wanted to do was yell.  No person has the right to make another person feel scared.

This is the second time this year something like this has happened to me, once while cycling in Texas and while running today.  Both times the cars left when they realize I was aware of them.  I don’t know what would have attracted either (I was not wearing revealing clothes and there were other joggers/walkers around) and don’t know what their intentions were.  All I could think was that my next trip to the running store would not be for socks or shorts, but for pepper spray.  I wondered about the ads I have seen for personal defense and when the next class would be.  I thought of ways of meeting nice people who would join me for runs.

Writing this blog entry has not made me realize a way to rid the world of all the creeps nor has it settle my still racing heart.  What happened today took away some of that freedom I feel when I start out for a run.  It took some of the joy I feel when I finish a run.  It took the security I feel in my neighborhood and my confidence in my ability to protect myself.  But it will not keep me from running.

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  • 1. runningfromaddiction  |  October 16, 2009 at 12:26 am

    Thank you for reading my blog and for your advice about resting through the flu. I am sorry to hear about this run. Running is my safe place and I can only imagine what it would feel like if some white car invaded that place. The thing I admire is that you opted to finish the run.


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