Testing Ways to Refuel Mid-run

October 16, 2009 at 8:21 pm 1 comment


One of the major differences between running and cycling is the lack of pockets and holders.  On my bike, I have two water bottle cages, a saddlebag and a bento box.  All my jerseys have additional pockets just in case I need more places to stash my stuff.  So far, my runs have been short enough to throw my key around my wrist and head out, but my 6-mile run tomorrow is where that changes.  I am become a true distance runner.

Including my warm up and cool down, I will be exercising for more than an hour, which means the need to rehydrate and refuel during the run.  I went to the running store yesterday (to buy pepper spray in case the white Honda comes back) and picked up two gus and some electrolyte jellybeans to try.  I always keep the jellybeans in my bento box, but everyone keeps warning me that running is harder on the digestive track and you should test your fueling agents.

I will test the gu tomorrow, but I also want to test some “real” food. I read a great blog post about a mid-run Rice Crispy Treats.  After searching around, I found a marshmallow treat recipe that uses Cheerios and incorporates peanut butter, too.  That sounds like the perfect power snack to me (and way better than raspberry gu). I may whip up a batch this weekend to test Monday.

It’s going to be 48 degrees in the morning, so I will be wearing my new running tights.  In fact, I pulled out all of my winter cycling gear and found that most of it will translate well into running.  I know 48 is not that cold, but I live in the South and 48 degrees with a 10 mph wind is cold to me.  I am topping off all the new stuff with a running belt to hold all my new snacks. Why is it that new stuff always makes running more fun?

I am ready for a great run to kick off a great weekend.  One week until my 13K debut with my sister!

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