Focused on the Prize

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The week of my first endurance race has finally arrived.  I had a get 6-mile run on Saturday and a short 2-miler during lunch today.  I will squeeze in 4 miles on Wednesday before I head down for several days of fun before the big race.  Unfortunately I don’t think any of that fun will help with the race.

I will spend three days on my feet at Disney and Universal and two nights of scary drinking at Halloween Horror Nights.  Not mention eating in the parks and sleeping in a weird bed.  But this is supposed to be a vacation, and I plan to have fun—I just hope having tired feet won’t make the 8 miles waiting for me Saturday night feel like 48.

I am running with my sister, which should help the time fly by.  And while under normal circumstances I am confident I could run all 8, she has not been training as long.  Staying with her will probably mean a little extra walking, but I think it will be worth it for a great sister finish line photo.

In the meantime, I am planning and packing snacks, running gear, vacation gear, book and sunscreen.  After the 38-degree weather this morning, highs in mid 80s sound perfect.

Surprisingly, I am not stressed yet.  This may not be my perfect race performance, but it will be a great trip.  And it is always easier to run when you’re having fun.  Or when you are getting a medal.  My first medal ever.  And a great race and finish line pic when my sister.  Yes, you could say I am totally focused on the prize.

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