Post-race rainy days always get me down

October 27, 2009 at 7:48 pm Leave a comment

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One of the first things you intuitively learn when you start running is that there are always two sides of a hill.  If you run up, you get to run down.  If you are going down, chances are you are going to have to go up again.  I have been taking my little hills in stride, but I feel like I just rounded a corner and came face to face a looming monster.  The fun race with my sister is gone and the half is little more than five weeks away.

Maybe everyone is a little down after all the excitement of a race.  Even though it went really well and should be inspiring me to get out there and train hard for my half marathon, it really has just left me tired.  And after running with my sister the prospect of going out alone seems a little depressing.

Not to mention it has been pouring rain all day so there was really no way to do an outdoor run.  I actually took a nap during lunch instead of going to the gym.  It is truly one of those days, but I do have a plan to overcome my post-race blues.

The same way I could see myself running along the streets months before I laced up, I am having visions of myself running in the many parks and trails around town. Less structured than following roads and traffic signs, the trails are teasing me with the tastes of freedom and fall.

I will take one more day to revel in my own post-race glory and watch sadly as it fades. Tomorrow, the sun will come out and I will run in the park.  After all, there are more hills to climb and more glory to come.

Title Reference: Rainy Days And Mondays, Words and Music by: Paul Williams & Roger Nichols

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