Creative hydration on long runs

November 5, 2009 at 10:31 pm Leave a comment


Finding a refueling solution for my long runs has turned out to be easier than finding a hydration solution.  I have a running belt but it does not have the ability to hold water bottles and I really don’t want water sloshing around during my runs.  I have been unable to find any water fountains near my typical routes.

I know people who run figure eights so they can come back by home and grab a bottle they leave out, but being so close to home might make it too easy to stay home. Since none of my friends have volunteered to set up a water station for me, I have been forced to be creative.

Last week, I decided to put about 2 oz of water in a tiny snack zip bag and put it in my running belt.  I got all the air out in the hopes of it not bursting when I was jostling about.  If I had stuck with one, I might have been successful, but I added another.  About halfway into my 7 miles, I removed the first bag and sucked down my 2 oz.  Awesome!  Then I noticed the other bag was completely empty and looking back I saw a huge wet spot over my butt.  Nice.

I finished the run with no water to wash down my gel and left determined to find a solution.  Sunday at Target, I walked up and down all the liquid aisles until my eyes landed on these mini boxes of Juicy Juice. Juicy Juice calls them Fun Size and each box is 4.23 oz.  So small, in fact I thought they just might fit in my belt.  I took a chance and bought the apple ones (not like I won’t drink them anyway).

I tested it when I got home and both my phone and a Juicy Juice will fit in my belt!  I tested it Monday and the box stayed in tact over my 4.75 mile run.  Luckily there are lots of trashcans in the park.

I am headed out for 8 miles tomorrow.  Now to make sure apple juice goes down smoothly on the road.


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