Fancy Fleece Wear

November 6, 2009 at 8:56 pm Leave a comment


Gearing up for my run this morning seemed to take forever.  It was 40 degrees out, which I consider quite chilly, so I stacked on a light skullcap under my running cap, pulled on shorts over my tights, added a fleece vest over my long-sleeved shirt and at the last minute decided I needed my gloves too.  All I could do was laugh before heading out, thinking about all those times I have read that running is a low gear sport.  I don’t think anything I do is low gear.

After half a mile I stopped being cold. At mile 2, I contemplated taking the gloves off but decided against it.  I guess when dressing guides ask what temp you like to be, my answer would be “warm.”  At mile 5, I needed to consume my gel and decided to take off the gloves instead of getting them sticky.  I was surprised to see they were soaked through, but my hands were dry and did not chill in the air.

I finished mile 8 strong and walked about half a mile to stretch everything out.  (I always wonder if I am walking as slow as I think or if it just feels slow after running.  I always think someone will offer to give me a ride because I am barely moving. )

At home, my running cap was soaked but the skullcap was pretty dry and had kept me warm.  I notice my vest was really damp on the outside but I was dry and toasty.  All of my wicking stuff seemed to have wicked well, but I have yet to see the wicking product that could prevent a salt-covered face. After 8 miles. Running is not always pretty.

After I got in the shower I remembered how silly I had felt before my run all geared up in everything my running shop could offer.  What can I say, it all worked.  I was warm and dry, and spent my run focusing on running instead of my clothes or the cold.   And really, that isn’t silly at all.


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