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Back at the gym

I finally made it back to the gym yesterday.  I delayed a few extra days due to the cold and I was eager to get moving.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and while it felt good, it also felt like I had a cold.  Everything below the neck was fine, but my head continued to get heavier as I went so I kept things light.

Last night I went back to the gym for my first yoga class.  I can definitely see why runners should do yoga, though I don’t think yoga could ever stand in for a crosstraining session.  My instructor was great at explaining all the moves, and I really enjoyed the deep stretch.  I really felt it in my Achilles, but I am not sure if that was the focus or just where I am really tight.

The best part was waking up and not being sore today.  I felt much looser this morning and hope I can catch the class a few days a week.  I am not very good at meditating, so maybe this is the beginning of a deeper, more focused, me.

This weekend, I am focusing on shopping and getting in my first post-half run.  I also need to tweak my training schedule (again) and decide if I want to through another half in the mix for April.  Things may be getting out of hand, but at least I am having fun!


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Running past post-race funk and standing water


It was a day later than I intended, but I did run through the park today and it was gorgeous.  Well, the foliage was gorgeous.   The weather was rainy, gray, mid 60s and unbelievably humid.  Still, I had a great run and learned what I am sure are invaluable lessons about how to run through and around standing water.

I only ran 3 miles, but at least I was back in my running shoes and moving past my post-race funk.  I also mapped out a bike ride for my cross training Sunday in the hopes of revitalizing my training plan.  Variety is certainly the spice of my healthy lifestyle.

Looking at my training plan and calendar, I realize the next five weeks are going to be tough.  In addition to piling on the miles, I have all kinds of parties, concerts and travel plans.  And the busier I am, the harder it is going to be to make myself get up and run 5 miles in the freezing cold.

I have come to the conclusion it is time to get organized.  I have proved I am a serious runner who can compete.  Now, I have to prove I am a dedicated runner who can train.  The frequency and consistency of my weekly runs are going to be what carry me through my half marathon.


I have divided my weekend into the following productive areas:

1) Cleaning and Laundry—the house is a wreck after getting back from vacation

2) Running—7 miles on Saturday and lots of stretching

3) Cycling—riding about 20 leisurely miles on Sunday to loosen up and relax

4) Planning—mapping out training and social activities for the next 5 weeks

5) Halloween—this will be the fun part


Making a list always makes me feel better.  Now I know what I have to do and how to do it.  I am going to take my mantra from the Dillon Panthers: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

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Running strong after a cold

running-up-hillI read entirely too much and watch little TV.  At least that was the case before moving here and seeing my boyfriend every day.  I am always looking for new things to read on running.   Sometimes I choose to forget what I read something because it is not what I want to hear, but usually read knowledge is what I build fitness and training plan upon.

During my cold last week I read everything I could find about running while sick.  Overall, it was agreed you should never run with a fever or if you are sick below the neck. Though my cold was just in my head, I was in no shape to run and knew it.  I was much more concerned with all the training sessions I was missing.

As a recap, I am running a half marathon in 8 weeks.  I will have been running only 3 months when I line up at the start.  I am doing the Hal Higdon 12-week program, but initially started on week 2 as I was already a week late my first 4-miler event.  Surely missing a week of training, 12 miles of running plus conditioning, would be disastrous?

Most online sources agreed it would take a couple of weeks to start losing my fitness and endurance level, and after today’s run I concur.  I did my 4 miles and felt pretty good.  I did grow a little tired at the end, but overall it was a great run.  Better yet, the last time I ran this route (in the 90-degree heat) I was defeated and questioning my abilities. Today, I tackled the hills at a great pace.

I have tweaked my schedule this week to prepare for The Tower of Terror run next Saturday.  I am concerned that the days on my feet at the parks prior to the race will wear my body out a bit, but hopefully the excitement will cancel that out.

Tomorrow, I will be rowing and do ankle strengthening.  Tonight, dinner and trivia. 🙂

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Running Power Song Needed

In search of my power song

In search of my power song

This weekend I get my Nike+ shoe insert and will be able to use it with my iPod Nano to track my runs.  I got the new Nano just so I could do this and am super excited, after being totally bummed that Nike+ wont work with the iPhone 3G.

But one question is yet to be decided: What is my power song?

As I understand it, when I am on the final stretch the Nike+ will tell the Nano to play my power song, catapulting me through to a glorious finish.  Finding the one song that will inspire me to do my best, to push a little harder and shave a few more seconds off my time is proving tough.

My current favorite warm up song is “Hold my Hand” by Hootie and the Blowfish.  That may sound cheesy, but the lyrics even say “I wanna run with you.”  It’s about love and energy and it does make me want to run, but I don’t think it is my power song.

Regulars in my playlist include The White Stripes, The New Pornographers and Oasis and Kings of Leon.  I like to mix Rilo Kelly and the Indigo Girls in, too.  I guess Kings of Leon is the forerunner, but I am still unsure.

I think this calls for some time on iTunes.  Please email me your suggestions!

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Out of the Comfort Zone

Leave behind the comfort zone

Leave behind the comfort zone

Who doesn’t love Friday?  Now, in addition to being the best day of the workweek, Fridays are also the best day of my training week: rest day. Running, while exhilarating, is also exhausting.  After a really tough run on Thursday (more about that in my next post), I made sure to do nothing on Friday.

Saturday I cross train, and this week Hal Higdon recommends 40 minutes of cross training and recovery.  I am not very good at recovery exercise.  I feel like if I am going to be out there I need to work hard.  But overtraining is a real concern for me, especially since I am rapidly increasing my weekly miles.  I decided a nice, leisurely bike ride was exactly what I needed.

One of my favorite people to ride with is my mom.  Moving has put me within three hours of my hometown and made it much easier for us to occasionally ride together. I woke up early Saturday, loaded my bike and the dog and headed down the familiar road to Mom’s.  I don’t think I could ever live in a small town again, but they are the ideal place to ride.  Mom and I rode for 45 minutes, cruising side-by-side the whole way, discussing the people who have moved and the people who have stayed.

Moving to a new place isn’t always easy.  Adjusting to new people, roads, routines, jobs, and gyms is as exhilarating and exhausting as running.  But visiting my hometown also reminded me of all we gain by leaving our comfort zones and how much I have changed in the ten years since I called it home.

Tomorrow, once again, I step out of my comfort zone and into my running shoes, drawing ever closer to my half marathon.  The road toward this goal is unfamiliar, and I don’t know how many hills I’ll climb on my way, but I know I am going to run into that stadium on December 5 having completed my first half marathon. And really, how could my comfort zone ever compete with that?

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