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St Jude Half Marathon Bound


First and foremost, I am pleased to announce I am running in the St. Jude Half Marathon on Saturday.  You may wonder why this is news.  I have been talking about running this race for months.  Well, here’s a quick breakdown of my Thanksgiving drama.

Sunday: Great 10-mile run

Tuesday: Bad leg pain that fits the description of a classic stress fracture.  I make a doctor’s appointment.

Wednesday morning: Doctor agrees it sounds like a stress fracture.  When it becomes clear I will not stop running without proof, he schedules MRI.

Wednesday afternoon: They call before the MRI to let me know it will cost $850 because I have not met the deductible on my new insurance.  I call my mom (the nurse), who asks if knowing really changes the course of treatment.  Since it doesn’t, she agreed I could skip it (so that I could afford heat this winter).

Wednesday night: I ran a mile and everything, including my leg, felt terrible.  I sat in the floor for an hour feeling sorry for myself.  My leg did not hurt worse than anything else, but I was scared to keep running and risk it.

Thursday morning: I tried to run the Turkey Trot.  After 1.5 miles I quit.  My leg was twinging and there were so many people it was impossible to walk it off.  Yeah, I know.  I drove the 2.5 hours to my mom’s to eat turkey feeling sorry for myself.

Friday morning: When I told my grandmother I wanted to try running once more, she begged me not to run.  Common sense seemed to point toward bailing out.  Getting hurt would be jeopardizing all the other things I want to do this spring.   I was really pitifully bummed the entire drive home (sad, rejected playlist).

Friday night: Boyfriend told me to quit worrying and psyching myself out.  I tried the hop test and no pain.  Still undecided.

Saturday: On my feet all day decorating and no pain.  Decided to try one more run.

Sunday Morning: I ran 5 miles and my leg did not hurt at all.  I felt out of breath on the first 2 miles, only to discover I was running really fast—not hopelessly out of shape from my pitiful running attempts.

Sunday Afternoon: Brunch downtown.  No pain, but a few mimosas—my last drinks until after Saturday.

Monday: No pain from the run.  I am planning another run tomorrow and getting ready for the big day Saturday.

The moral of the story: stress fractures can affect the brain, too.  I think I was so worried about a new pain (not unlike others I have felt along the way that faded naturally, with rest or with ice) interfering with my race, that I overreacted and let it interfere with my race.  I am glad I had it checked and incredibly thankful I feel better.  Also glad I did not spend $850 on the MRI.


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Visualizing success despite my missing mug

mugDespite the wide selection of coffee mugs available in our office kitchen cabinets, I prefer to bring my own.  I like drinking my tea out of the same mug each day, knowing exactly how I will start my day as I sort my emails.

Today, my mug was gone.  After three separate trips to the kitchen (each time I opened the cabinet and hoped my mug would magically appear), I looped the office and discovered my mug…in the hand of the Global Sr. VP.

It took a few moments for the creepy feeling I often get when people want to try on my shoes or borrow my favorite blanket or just invade into my personal space a little too much to pass.  Then I faced two simple facts: 1) I am not going to tell the Global Sr. VP she has my mug, and 2) If I am going to drink my morning tea, I will be drinking it in something else.

Two more trips to the kitchen cabinets and I finally selected a disposable cup.  I just could not commit to another one.

I am really not a structured person, but I often find these little glitches to how I envisioned my day become major roadblocks.  I’ve learned that if I cannot get a positive mental picture of myself doing something, I either won’t do it or I do it and it usually turns out as I imagined.  I turned down a full scholarship to one university because the image that immediately popped in my head each time I considered attending was of me walking to class alone on a gray winter morning, a scarf at my neck blowing wildly in the harsh wind.  (It was an SEC school, so this scenario was really pretty ridiculous.)

Yet, I have also learned that powerful positive visualization can be the key to successful runs.   When I take the time to see myself running powerfully mile after mile, then the miles are usually just as I thought they would be.  Lately, I’ve decided what I am wearing the night before so I can see my pink-shirted self moving through the streets on my “hilly Thursday route.”  I imagine the chill on my legs and dew in the grass and hear my power song encouraging me up the big monster.

After a week of eyes so swollen from a nasty cold that the only thing I could envision was my bed, I am finally better and overcome with exciting images of tomorrow’s run.  Green shirt, lucky shorts, 61 degrees, uphill start in the fading darkness, flat finish, all power.   And after the run, my shower and my commute, I see myself celebrating with a whole-wheat bagel, string cheese and a cup of decaf tea in my mug.

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