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Getting closer

Sunday was my long run.  You know, the super long 10-mile run?  It was, in a simple, beautiful word, awesome.  I tried to do everything as if it were race day, and while I know that is much easier to do when it is not race day, all went well.

I felt great when I set out.  My first mile was a little slow, just 10:22, but I decided not to sweat it and just keep running a solid pace.  Throughout the run I could tell I was holding pretty consistent to 10:30 miles.  Each time I wanted to slow down, I just told myself I had the juice to keep going.

About 8.5 miles, I had the temptation to cut the run a little short.  I just starting to get tired, but I never seriously contemplated an easy out.  Before the thought had really formed, I got this mental picture of myself finishing my race in two weeks and almost started crying I was so proud.  That definitely kept me going.

When my Nike+ said 400 meters, I was ready to cross the finish line.  I started sprinting.  I next thought it said 50 meters to go and I really picked up the pace.  Then it said 100 meters to go.  I will admit to shouting “bitch” a little more loudly than one should in a nice neighborhood, but kept sprinting.  Finally, those great Nike+ words, “you have completed your workout.”  I had done it!

My final time was 1:45:38 with an average 10:33 mile.  For my 9 miles last week I averaged 11:01 per mile, so this was a major improvement.  This was also the first long run where my splits were consistent instead of getting progressively slower.  Even better, I feel much better the day after this 10 than I did after last week’s 9.  It is amazing what I week of resting and hydration can do!

I refueled with two 4 oz apple juices and one gel.  I will do one more of each I think on race day but otherwise I felt good. I did order the purple shirt, and it should be here this week for a few test runs.  Otherwise, I am going to try to take the advice of my friends and taper.  I think that must be easier said than done though, because I am bummed I don’t get to do another 10-miler this weekend.

I am hitting the gym tonight to stay loose, then 5 miles tomorrow.  My goals for the week are to eat well and sleep well.  Why is that the hardest part?

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Creative hydration on long runs


Finding a refueling solution for my long runs has turned out to be easier than finding a hydration solution.  I have a running belt but it does not have the ability to hold water bottles and I really don’t want water sloshing around during my runs.  I have been unable to find any water fountains near my typical routes.

I know people who run figure eights so they can come back by home and grab a bottle they leave out, but being so close to home might make it too easy to stay home. Since none of my friends have volunteered to set up a water station for me, I have been forced to be creative.

Last week, I decided to put about 2 oz of water in a tiny snack zip bag and put it in my running belt.  I got all the air out in the hopes of it not bursting when I was jostling about.  If I had stuck with one, I might have been successful, but I added another.  About halfway into my 7 miles, I removed the first bag and sucked down my 2 oz.  Awesome!  Then I noticed the other bag was completely empty and looking back I saw a huge wet spot over my butt.  Nice.

I finished the run with no water to wash down my gel and left determined to find a solution.  Sunday at Target, I walked up and down all the liquid aisles until my eyes landed on these mini boxes of Juicy Juice. Juicy Juice calls them Fun Size and each box is 4.23 oz.  So small, in fact I thought they just might fit in my belt.  I took a chance and bought the apple ones (not like I won’t drink them anyway).

I tested it when I got home and both my phone and a Juicy Juice will fit in my belt!  I tested it Monday and the box stayed in tact over my 4.75 mile run.  Luckily there are lots of trashcans in the park.

I am headed out for 8 miles tomorrow.  Now to make sure apple juice goes down smoothly on the road.

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Weekend running prep

There could be a thousand reasons why I am in a good mood today despite all the rain, but I am pretty sure it is because of my 7 mile run tomorrow.  I mapped out a new route that will take me through both neighborhood and park, as well as conveniently by a “just in case” bathroom.

Doing anything new always makes running more exciting for me, and there will be several new aspects to my run tomorrow.  This will be my first attempt to “practicing” eating race-day food.  I know there will be a bagel involved, but I am still deciding what will go with the bagel.  The Elvis Bagel seems especially appropriate for a marathon in Memphis, but bananas are not a great pre food for me. I guess that is why I have a few more weeks to test.

I have an updated playlist ready to go because 7 miles is a long time.  I am listing to it as I type just getting all excited.  I love this feeling and plan to use it throughout my hopefully dry run tomorrow.

My sister will be running in a 5K in Orlando Saturday, her first run since our race last Saturday.  She has been super pumped about running all week while I have been bummed, but today I think we were both back to reality and are still considering the Disney Princess Half in March.  We won’t decide for sure though until I survive St. Jude in December.

Good luck to my sister and all the runners and racers out there this weekend!

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