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Back at the gym

I finally made it back to the gym yesterday.  I delayed a few extra days due to the cold and I was eager to get moving.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and while it felt good, it also felt like I had a cold.  Everything below the neck was fine, but my head continued to get heavier as I went so I kept things light.

Last night I went back to the gym for my first yoga class.  I can definitely see why runners should do yoga, though I don’t think yoga could ever stand in for a crosstraining session.  My instructor was great at explaining all the moves, and I really enjoyed the deep stretch.  I really felt it in my Achilles, but I am not sure if that was the focus or just where I am really tight.

The best part was waking up and not being sore today.  I felt much looser this morning and hope I can catch the class a few days a week.  I am not very good at meditating, so maybe this is the beginning of a deeper, more focused, me.

This weekend, I am focusing on shopping and getting in my first post-half run.  I also need to tweak my training schedule (again) and decide if I want to through another half in the mix for April.  Things may be getting out of hand, but at least I am having fun!


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Running strong after a cold

running-up-hillI read entirely too much and watch little TV.  At least that was the case before moving here and seeing my boyfriend every day.  I am always looking for new things to read on running.   Sometimes I choose to forget what I read something because it is not what I want to hear, but usually read knowledge is what I build fitness and training plan upon.

During my cold last week I read everything I could find about running while sick.  Overall, it was agreed you should never run with a fever or if you are sick below the neck. Though my cold was just in my head, I was in no shape to run and knew it.  I was much more concerned with all the training sessions I was missing.

As a recap, I am running a half marathon in 8 weeks.  I will have been running only 3 months when I line up at the start.  I am doing the Hal Higdon 12-week program, but initially started on week 2 as I was already a week late my first 4-miler event.  Surely missing a week of training, 12 miles of running plus conditioning, would be disastrous?

Most online sources agreed it would take a couple of weeks to start losing my fitness and endurance level, and after today’s run I concur.  I did my 4 miles and felt pretty good.  I did grow a little tired at the end, but overall it was a great run.  Better yet, the last time I ran this route (in the 90-degree heat) I was defeated and questioning my abilities. Today, I tackled the hills at a great pace.

I have tweaked my schedule this week to prepare for The Tower of Terror run next Saturday.  I am concerned that the days on my feet at the parks prior to the race will wear my body out a bit, but hopefully the excitement will cancel that out.

Tomorrow, I will be rowing and do ankle strengthening.  Tonight, dinner and trivia. 🙂

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