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Back at the gym

I finally made it back to the gym yesterday.  I delayed a few extra days due to the cold and I was eager to get moving.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and while it felt good, it also felt like I had a cold.  Everything below the neck was fine, but my head continued to get heavier as I went so I kept things light.

Last night I went back to the gym for my first yoga class.  I can definitely see why runners should do yoga, though I don’t think yoga could ever stand in for a crosstraining session.  My instructor was great at explaining all the moves, and I really enjoyed the deep stretch.  I really felt it in my Achilles, but I am not sure if that was the focus or just where I am really tight.

The best part was waking up and not being sore today.  I felt much looser this morning and hope I can catch the class a few days a week.  I am not very good at meditating, so maybe this is the beginning of a deeper, more focused, me.

This weekend, I am focusing on shopping and getting in my first post-half run.  I also need to tweak my training schedule (again) and decide if I want to through another half in the mix for April.  Things may be getting out of hand, but at least I am having fun!


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Lace Up and Get Past It



This morning while running my 5 miles, I began thinking about the 7 deadly sins. This may seem a little deep for 6:00 in the morning, but I was thinking in particular about to deadlies I committed this week: Gluttony and Sloth.  And since these are running sins it only seems right to confess to you readers and move past it.

Today was my first good run since last Friday.  Saturday I woke up early to fly to a tradeshow in Orlando.  I spent the weekend with my sister, but we opted for baking and shopping instead of running.  Monday I stood all day at the trade show and Tuesday I found my knees too sore to do more than walk 1.5 miles around the hotel.  I got home Tuesday night and had a pitiful 2.5 mile run/walk on Wednesday during lunch.  Everything hurt and I had no cardio endurance whatsoever.

If all this not running weren’t enough, I have been eating like I was on vacation with a per diem (because I was).  I got home in time to catch Downtown Dining, a great week of all the nicest restaurants in town becoming accessible to peasants with $20 three course dinners.  Add to that a few glasses of wine and not enough water, and, well, I guess we have all been there.  (If you haven’t, don’t do it 3 weeks before your half marathon!)

I spent most of my run this morning feeling really guilty and being quite hard on myself for dragging along my chosen route.  Afterwards, I checked my time and it was only a little slower than usual, and it actually included my fasted first mile on record.  I can only imagine how well I could have run if I would have laid off the guilt and just run!

My penance was to revise my training calendar and eat a healthy lunch that involved lettuce (one of the deadly vegetables in my opinion, blech).  My gilt is gone and my determination has returned.  Onward toward the next run!

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Weekend running prep

There could be a thousand reasons why I am in a good mood today despite all the rain, but I am pretty sure it is because of my 7 mile run tomorrow.  I mapped out a new route that will take me through both neighborhood and park, as well as conveniently by a “just in case” bathroom.

Doing anything new always makes running more exciting for me, and there will be several new aspects to my run tomorrow.  This will be my first attempt to “practicing” eating race-day food.  I know there will be a bagel involved, but I am still deciding what will go with the bagel.  The Elvis Bagel seems especially appropriate for a marathon in Memphis, but bananas are not a great pre food for me. I guess that is why I have a few more weeks to test.

I have an updated playlist ready to go because 7 miles is a long time.  I am listing to it as I type just getting all excited.  I love this feeling and plan to use it throughout my hopefully dry run tomorrow.

My sister will be running in a 5K in Orlando Saturday, her first run since our race last Saturday.  She has been super pumped about running all week while I have been bummed, but today I think we were both back to reality and are still considering the Disney Princess Half in March.  We won’t decide for sure though until I survive St. Jude in December.

Good luck to my sister and all the runners and racers out there this weekend!

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More Tower of Terror Pics

Before the race we decided to try to beat 1:45:00

Before the race we decided to try to beat 1:45:00

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

We did it!

We did it!

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Recap

J&S Race 1

Sis and me before the race.

After running The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 13K Saturday night, I know understand why half marathon and marathon recaps are so long.  A lot happens during all those miles, and I was lucky enough to share every minute of it with my sister.

Before the race, we sat apart from our guys and discussed our goal time.  We knew 1:20:00 was a perfect race for me, but we neither one expected that.  We knew 2:00:00 was how long the guys were expecting to ride rides and drink beer before we finished.  We secretly decided on 1:45:00 as a goal, but did not tell them.

Sis and I made rounds through the pre-race excitement, getting temporary tattoos and our pics taken.  We also had the traditional pre-race wait in the porta-potty lines.  This was my first time to pee in a porta and luckily my last that night.  I am a little amazed running continues to flourish under these conditions, but I am also a germaphobic freak, so it could just be me.

We lined up in the 9:01-11:00 pack and decided this was the best place to start.  After lots of Disney hoopla we chanted the ten-second countdown and then began moving when the fireworks shot into the air.  We walked, then jogged and were finally running.

During the first mile a few people with Garmins said we were running 11:00 miles.  I thought they were crazy because we seemed to be moving faster than that, but after a hairpin turn we hit the first mile marker and were still at the 11:00 pace.  From there we followed the road to a side access street or something and I was shocked to find myself on gravel.  I don’t run on any surfaces other than roads because I have been prone to ankle issues in the past and don’t feel up to gravel.

It turns out my concerns were founded; I am not up to gravel.  About mile 2:00, I turned my ankle on a lone rock as the gravel transitioned into a dirt path and almost went down.  I grabbed my sister—who thankfully steadied me instead of falling with me—and we made our way to the side.  I was so mad.  We were only 2 miles in!  How could this happen?

If there is one identifying trait that unites us as sisters, it would have to be that we are both very stubborn. I told Sis I would walk it off and kept moving.  I just could not let this slip away, but my ankle was killing me.  After about 100 steps, I was feeling better.  There was a slight break in the pack and we decided to jog back in and see what happened.  Over the next half mile the remaining pain faded and we were back on track.

Actually, we were literally on a track at the Wide World of Sports.  There were cheerleaders and a few people encouraging us here and I felt better.  Sis and I agreed to run 4 miles and then see how we felt.  By 3.5, I was over the ankle and feeling great.  We neither one mentioned walking when we crossed the 4-mile marker (still on 11:00ish pace) though we did celebrate the halfway mark.  We decided to just keep going a half-mile at a time and see what happened.

Miles 4-6 were great for me.  We talked and passed these two little girls who were obviously sisters and running together.  It was less cute when they passed us, but still cute.  I made a water stop and downed my Hammer Gel.  Things were good.  We crossed back onto the Disney grounds.

Running out the end of the 6th mile I started to get tired.  By the start of 7, I was really tired.  And really, really chafed.  We were entering the park and started to see people and rides.  Sis was determined we were going to run the whole thing and kept encouraging me.  She sounded so confident I had tolistened.

At 7.5, I would have started walking if not for my sister.  I was getting chills and my left foot was asleep.  I don’t know if it was a wall or bonk or what, but I was not up to the finish.  Somehow she kept me going.

We rounded a corner and saw the only hill of the entire run.  Seriously?  A nice volunteer told us we would be at the 8-mile marker when we topped the hill.  We trudged up, only to realize 13K does not exactly equal 8 miles.  We had .2 more to go.  I told my sister I could not sprint, and she said we were finishing together no matter what.

Then we saw it: the beautiful finish line.  I saw the clock and it was 1:28:ish.  I looked at Sis and told her my personal goal had been to finish under 1:30 and she told me we could make it. The adrenaline kicked in and with all the energy I had left I sprinted by her side to the finish.  It was really an amazing feeling.  I did it! But more importantly, I did it with my sister.  I felt like “Wind Beneath my Wings” should have been playing instead of whatever was.  We did it!

The final clock time was 1:29:19, but our final chip time was 1:28:06!  The feeling when they put our medals on was so powerful.  I never once earned a trophy or real medal before.

J&S Race 2

Water, Powerade, photos, and food bags, followed by the reunion with our guys.  I know they were both surprised we ran the whole thing.  They were taking photos and smiling and hugging us even though we smelled.  I could tell my boyfriend, H, was a little worried about me, and truthfully I was a little worried too.  I was getting the chills and felt very weak. I kept walking and the Powerade and water kicked in finally.  We waited in line for our stuff and by the time we left the finish line, I was feeling tired but good.

We changed but decided waiting in line for roller coasters is not the best way to recover from 8 miles.  We opted to head back to the car.  An hour later, I was showered and in bed with my medal on the bedside table.  I won’t lie and say it didn’t cross my mind to sleep in it, but I have to save some special honor for my first half!

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Inspired to Run


I am nervous and exited about my trip.  I can’t believe that in a few short days I will be running eight miles for the first time with thousands of other people (probably not their first time).  Getting ready for the trip has cut into my training this week, but I am still hoping to get in a short run before I hop a plane in a few short hours.

Whenever I tell people that I am running a half marathon, they seem impressed.  And really they should be, as a race of that length is not something to be entered into lightly.  As I talk more about running and racing—and the fact that I am a true newbie overambitious enough try to tackle it all in a few short months—they get excited.  Sometimes, they even get inspired.

Today, as I get ready to run a new race and earn my first medal, I think about the people who have inspired me.  All my friends at the farmers market who told me I could do this, my friends for Nashville and my former co-worker who told me to go for it, and of course my boyfriend who wants to train for a triathlon. They love to run and convinced me I could love running too.  When I told my sister I loved running, she rediscovered her love of running. Now we are doing the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 13K together!

Just talking about running seems to make other people want to run.  This infectious hobby becomes a true passion for the people who embrace it.  So thanks to all the people that inspired and continue to inspire me.  I plan to pass on the gift.  Runners, keep inspiring others to run too!

I am not sure when my next post will be due to my true vacation (no computers!), but I will upload pics and a full report of the race soon.

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Focused on the Prize


The week of my first endurance race has finally arrived.  I had a get 6-mile run on Saturday and a short 2-miler during lunch today.  I will squeeze in 4 miles on Wednesday before I head down for several days of fun before the big race.  Unfortunately I don’t think any of that fun will help with the race.

I will spend three days on my feet at Disney and Universal and two nights of scary drinking at Halloween Horror Nights.  Not mention eating in the parks and sleeping in a weird bed.  But this is supposed to be a vacation, and I plan to have fun—I just hope having tired feet won’t make the 8 miles waiting for me Saturday night feel like 48.

I am running with my sister, which should help the time fly by.  And while under normal circumstances I am confident I could run all 8, she has not been training as long.  Staying with her will probably mean a little extra walking, but I think it will be worth it for a great sister finish line photo.

In the meantime, I am planning and packing snacks, running gear, vacation gear, book and sunscreen.  After the 38-degree weather this morning, highs in mid 80s sound perfect.

Surprisingly, I am not stressed yet.  This may not be my perfect race performance, but it will be a great trip.  And it is always easier to run when you’re having fun.  Or when you are getting a medal.  My first medal ever.  And a great race and finish line pic when my sister.  Yes, you could say I am totally focused on the prize.

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